About Us

Classic CNC Engineering

Classic CNC Engineering's business concept is to develope and manufacture products and system in metals for industrial companies on the scale to establish as one stop shop for sheet metal engineering solutions. classic cnc engineering are equipped with skilled administrators, quality inspectors and skilled labours and work area more than 20000 sq ft. classic CNC engineering are one of the renowned sheet metal fabricators located at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

Classic CNC Engineering specialize in custom sheet metal fabrication, providing a full range of metal fabrication services to meet customers specifications in india and abroad.

Our services includes designing, cutting, punching ,bending, metal fabrication, welding, assembling and finishing. Classic CNC engineering have Installed Laser cutting Machine, Turret punch Machine, CNC press Break, NC shearing Machine and NC Press Break,powder coating with assembly of various industrial products.

Classic CNC engineering pride our self on using the most technologically advanced equipments and techniques for every job and metal work that we do in our plant. We combine engineering and manufacturing expertise to provide a full range of fabrication capabilities at competitive price. We also ensure that each and every job will be completed in accordance with all codes and standards as required by the customer.